The holiday month has arrived
with the scorching sun in the sky,
and the memories of visiting
you, Grandma take over my mind.

For the thick-yummy butter in the dinner
in my favorite daal and on parathas
for the evening tea with two rusks
for watching television with you
for being your hugging pillow and
more importantly, for being pampered
and loved, I would stuff my small bag
with whatever clothes I could find.

safed-makhan     dsc_0070

From teaching me to braid my hairs
to give warm hugs before any exam
to teaching me about life and relations
your love and inspiration made me strong.

Now I sit silently and look at the drawing
I had given to you years back to
tell you how much I love you
and shed a tear reminiscing my
childhood days with you.

I look at the brightest star tonight knowing
that you still watch over me and that you
still send me your warm hugs that are
precious than anything I can ever have.

– Kritika Vashist