Who says love is beautiful? (3)

He would jump, he would fly, he would roll on the floor, he would laugh hard, and he would dance like a madman, yet so passionately. His cheeks would go pink, his smile would widen, and his nose would look like a cherry. People who came to see him thought that, that is how he looked every day, and that is how he would look, forever. The girl who would take the seat closest to the stage thought the same. The girl wasn’t wrong. He would fly, jump, dance, laugh, smile and sing even when he wasn’t performing. He would fly in love, he would sing in love and he would dance in love. He would wait to see her on weekends, in love.

The girl loved to see him, for whatever he did filled her heart with joy. He loved her. His heart felt the joy of being in love.

He held her hand one day to confess the seeding love for her. She shook it off, glanced away and said, “Your hands are just meant to hold juggling balls”.

Who says love is beautiful?
– Kritika Vashist


Who says love is beautiful? (2)

Poets write poems, singers sing, dancers dance, painters paint, to express their grief, disappointment, sadness and regrets, and they then pass it on to the world. World reads it and appreciate.
She appreciated them, too. She was kind to share their sadness by being its reader and an admirer.
He loved her unconditionally. He loved her in her anger. He loved her in her weirdness. He danced, he sang and he wrote in pain to her about his melancholy, but the beloved refused to acknowledge. She wasn’t kind enough to share his sadness by being a listener.
Now he cries inside, but still narrates her as a kind soul in all his poems, paintings and unsung songs.

Who says love is beautiful?

-Kritika Vashist

Who says love is beautiful? (1)


He looked into her eyes meticulously and told her that her eyes were like an ocean: deep, dark and infinite. He saw his reflection in her eyes as himself drowning in that ocean.
She smiled while closely looking at the mirror and marveled at the details he had given about her beautiful eyes.
She still looks at the mirror and tries to see her reflection. She doesn’t smile and the eyes cry as all that she can see is darkness.
The lover of the ocean did not like to drown.

Who says love is beautiful?

-Kritika Vashist