In The Woods 

In the woods,
I could see green trees,
and feel the embracing wind,
while hearing the music of our footsteps
as we walked together, at the same pace,
holding our hands firmly,
like the leaf holding its branch.

I remember you telling me about spring
under those filtered bright sun-rays
in the sound of silence.
I remember feeling like a butterfly
on the most beautiful flower.

In the woods,
a season passed and autumn came.
I stood under the almost bare tree
when the unfiltered sunlight fringed me.
I remember you loosing the grip, walking fast,
crumbling the fallen leaves, abstractedly.
I remember feeling lost in that noise
on the trail leading me nowhere.

In the woods,
I waited for the spring you told me about,
but it never came.

-Kritika Vashist


After being away for so long, I realized that it requires a lot of dedication and efforts to maintain your blog and write something regularly. Also, during this time I lost track of a few friends here, but I hope the rest (I still see them here) are doing well. So, in case you remember me, here is a hello from my side. 🙂


The Autumn Leaf (II)


The Autumn Leaf (II)

The Autumn leaf fell,
into the roughness of the soil,
after it was parted away.

Tears of blood of painful adieu,
spreading all over it;
Red, magenta.
Fear of numbness,
piercing its skin;
Yellow, orange.
Darkness of loneliness,
enclosing it;
Black, brown.

The passerby beholds the colors,
he calls it a beauty.
Perhaps, like all the colors,
colors of pain,
colors of numbness,
colors of loneliness,
are beautiful, too.
Like the color of a fake smile,
they too hide the melancholy.

Holding on to nothing,
the autumn leaf wishes,
to be blown away,
by the fearless wind.

– Kritika Vashist