Lost In You


Lost in you, the silent night,
where there is peace and seclusion,
where just my heartbeats are audible,
where remembrance of your love is antidote for distress.
I’m loving you, in silence.

Lost in you, dreamy eyes,
where forever our soul entwine,
where we promise to love evermore,
where you are the reason for my existence.
I am loving you, in dreams.

Lost in you, the fragrant quilt,
where I feel your terraces,
where you twine a wisp of my hair,
where our souls couple.
I am loving you, in fancy.

Lost in you, eloquent words,
where you obliquely call me beautiful,
where I throb in happiness,
where you portray our unceasing love.
I am loving you, in poems.

Lost in you, serendipitous ditty,
where broken lyrics string with flair,
where unmusical voice gives pleasure sensations,
where stars are more soothing than the moon.
I am loving you, in songs.

Lost in you, the perfect drizzle,
where we sense each other’s texture,
where the clean water taper the friction,
where the music is pitter-patter of raindrops.
I am loving you, in rains.

Lost in you, the unembellished window,
where I feel the warmth of your eyelids,
where sunbeam makes you shimmer artistically ,
where the glass captures the real adoration.
I am loving you in lights and shadows.

Lost in you, the wondrous painting,
where my name forms the colours,
where a single word completes the picture,
where the thick ink fails to clog the outline.
I am loving you, in delineation.

Let me remain lost in you,
let me keep loving you;
for your love is heavenly!

-Kritika Vashist

(Feb, 2014)

(So, Arpita, a fellow blogger who nominated me for Libester Award asked me about my favorite post/poem, and I had realized that I haven’t share it with all of you. This is the poem I had written last year and is my favorite for some unknown reason. I just like it the way it is. )


The Endless Perfect Drizzle


The alarm didn’t wake me up today, it was the perfect drizzle.
I pulled the curtains back and saw how the rain was drenching the trees, which looked more alive, and how the wind was pelting across the raindrops.
Reclining in my deckchair, holding a cup of tea, I contemplated the drizzle. This wasn’t how I would usually start my day, but today I couldn’t stop myself from making my soul comfortable with thoughts and the rain. You know, it is rare and beautiful when you are comfortable with your thoughts.

The street was shining dimly, and by the late evening, the wind had started to pelt faster across the raindrops and slowly through my hair. I don’t remember the last time I felt this ebullient. Every fear that had kept me wondering about what and how the future days would be like without you fell along with the raindrops. And hope had embraced me the way rain was embracing the sky.

The rain didn’t stop. I liked the fact that it did not. It was smooth, perfect and thoughtful. And how describing it reminded me our conversation we had last night, which, was nothing but a perfect drizzle. Although it ended, yet, it felt like this perfect endless drizzle.

-Kritika Vashist