Fucked up!

These voices inside me
Do not whisper anymore
They shout and say
You are Fucked up!
The noises echoing inside
Don’t let the tired eyes
To fall asleep
To dream of it, again.

“Get yourself out of it”
My mind constantly
Pushing me to the edge.
Hold on to it.”
The heart continues
In perseverance.
Get into your zone”
The voice speaks loud
Alarming me of unseen
Selfishness of the world
Leaving you with Nothing
But a Fucked up life!

“This heart of yours, dear
Is totally Fucked up.”
My mind contemplates
In a never ending war
Of heart and mind
Of emotions and reality
Of mine and their purposes
Of everything and nothing.

I’m afraid to wake up
To find myself in a
Fucked up situation
Where there’s no road
To walk on
Where there’s no light
To look through
Where there’s no hope
To believe in.

My eyes gets heavy
My hands inked
In mess they both make
In their war
Unheard and unknown
To the world
The one that is actually
Fucked up!

-Kritika Vashist

(Sometimes you are just Fucked up!)