Six Word Story (5)



Not Letting It Go


People have often unknowingly and knowingly
held the hand of the one they loved
when they told them that they will let it go
and made them deluge without asking
along with themselves
by their own heaviness they could never shrug off
and never letting the other to dust it down
thinking that it is what they are supposed to carry
when all they decided was to dive together in the ocean
holding hands, firmly accepting each other
to fill in an adventure within
to search the unexposed
to unveil the vulnerability
and to share a breath

-Kritika Vashist

Who says love is beautiful? (1)


He looked into her eyes meticulously and told her that her eyes were like an ocean: deep, dark and infinite. He saw his reflection in her eyes as himself drowning in that ocean.
She smiled while closely looking at the mirror and marveled at the details he had given about her beautiful eyes.
She still looks at the mirror and tries to see her reflection. She doesn’t smile and the eyes cry as all that she can see is darkness.
The lover of the ocean did not like to drown.

Who says love is beautiful?

-Kritika Vashist