Late Night Thoughts (Second Chance)


There will be a night when you would feel worthless, and you would think that there is no meaning to your life anymore. Your body would shudder and your lips would quiver in fear of being alive. You would think how will you survive another day? You would think maybe tomorrow will be worse than today, and you will again regret for not ending it the first time the thought came to your mind, that had coagulated all your hopes and potential.

And then with your trembling hands, you would open the drawer of your study and take out the paper-cutter or the scissor to stop everything at once; every pain, every disappointment, every reason, every hope and all your fears. You would place it on your wrist, and you would stare at the veins travelling from your wrist to your heart. You would think how delicate life is, and how God exposed the veins to heart while designing the body, letting us see the roots and veiling its branches with the skin.

At first you would cut if softly, because it isn’t easy, and nothing would happen. You would give it a second try thinking it is hard and painful, but it isn’t impossible and that you have to do it, for your life has become a mess. While placing the cutter on your wrist, you would pause for a moment and ask yourself; if you can give this a second chance, why you cannot give it to yourself?

Hello, everyone. I am starting with a series- Late Night Thoughts; relating to thoughts that our mind speaks in the silence of the night.

-Kritika Vashist


Loving You

Your love feels like the soft sunshine falling
On the face when the skin freezes in cold.
Your love feels like boisterous ocean waves
Taking me away every night with your memories.

Loving you is a an un-fathomed dream where;
Sometimes I flutter in an infinite sky of love, and
Sometimes I fall from your hands into a black abyss.
Loving you is getting stung by the honey bees
While tasting their moreish nectar from your mouth.

You, sometimes have been the moon in my dark nights;
You, sometimes have been the darkness itself.
You have been the rain pouring down my talking eyes;
You have been the pilgrim to the soul through my eyes.
You have been my love rose with all its thorns, the one
I let impassioned me, and whose fragrance still lingers.

Loving you was never an experience;
It always has been an endless journey,
Of embracing the pain and nothingness,
Of destroying oneself and rebuilding.

Before I die with this song inside of me,
And before these inimical episodes of life
Take you away and push me off the edge,
I want to sit and sing the song to you,
That I love you in echoing silence.
I love you in piercing loneliness.
I love you in desolation, in happiness.
I love you in my bedspread poetries;
For no reason and for eternity.

-Kritika Vashist

Mystical Rumi (I)


“Sit, be still, and listen,
because you’re drunk
and we’re at
the edge of the roof.”
― Rumi

So, I was nominated by Midnight Shadow and Gail for my second quote challenge. I am posting it again because I love quotes. Thank you very much, Gail and MS.
However, this time I am going to post RUMI’s quotes only.

To stimulate my brain, aching with nuisance this world throws at you, I went to the bookstore and read a book on Rumi’s poetries, and after reading a couple of poems, each vein in my body, all my senses knew nothing but the words he had spoken. I wanted to buy two of his books, but if only my pocket had allowed me. Buy me one on my birthday in case you are planning to gift me something? (Okay, jokes apart!)
I am calling him mystical, because he indeed is. Therefore, the quote challenge will be posted as “Mystical Rumi”.

I hope you enjoy the quotes that I will share with you all.

– Kritika Vashist

आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी (With English Translation)


आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी

आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी उसे सुना देना
कुछ ना सुने तो आंसू से फैली श्याही दिखा देना
मैं तो घायल हू दी गई उसकी खता से
तुम जुर्म इ-मोहब्बत के कुछ फ़साने सुना देना
आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी उसे सुना देना।

आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी उसे सुना देना
लगी हो अगर उसके भी दिल में आग
तुम मेरे पुराने खतों से भुजा देना
ख़त अब जो ना लिख सके उसे अल्विदा का
तुम इन सिसकियों का गीत सुना देना
आज रात मेरी यह ख़ामोशी उसे सुना देना।

 Aaj raat meri yeh khamoshi

Aaj raat meri yeh khamoshi use suna dena
Kuch na sune toh aansu se fehli shayahi dekha dena
Mei toh ghayal hu de gayi uski khata se
Tum jurm-e-mohobbat ke kuch fasane suna dena
Aaj raat meri yeh khamoshi use suna dena.

Aaj raat meri yeh khamoshi use suna de
Lagi ho agar uske bhe dil me aag
Tum mere purane khaton se bhuja dena
Khat ab jo na likh sake use alvida ka
Tum in siskiyon ka geet suna dena
Aaj raat meri yeh khamoshi use suna dena.

Let him hear my silence tonight

Let him hear my silence tonight
Show these tear-stained pages if he will not hear
He is the cause of this, my plight
Sing of this cursed love into his ear
Let him hear my silence tonight.

O let him hear my silence tonight
And if he too burns as I do, here
Use my love letters to smother the fire bright
I couldn’t say, “Goodbye, may your future be fair”
Sing him of sorrow, of the tear stained night
Oh, let him just hear my silence tonight!

Translation is done by Himanshu Bhatnagar. Thank you, HB!

– Kritika Vashist

8000 Miles


My hands longing to hold your arms
that make the safest home for me
loathe these miles that keep me
away from the warmth of your hugs.

My eyes wanting to be read by you
shed a tear while watching the sky
above us knowing that you are looking
at the sun right now remembering me.

My ink not letting me pen down any
word any emotion that I feel tonight
as my soul is wishing to just sit by
the lake and talk to you in silence.

I hear the whispers of my sobbing heart
trying to comfort me with words you had
once spoken to me, that even though
we are miles apart, our souls have crossed
and that this love is more than the costly
tickets and thousand miles separating us.

-Kritika Vashist



In silence,
their tongues were tied,
and faces have worn,
a smile so wide.

In heart,
the unspoken words were listened,
while they gazed,
and the shine in the eyes had risen.

In nervousness,
the desire to have each other,
did not enshroud,
but, they couldn’t sight it further.

In Mamihlapinatapei,
they were caught.

(Mamihlapinatapei : The word Mamihlapinatapai (sometimes spelled mamihlapinatapei) is derived from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the “most succinct word” and meaning; A wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves.)

-Kritika Vashist