Without You


Like the sky without stars,
Like broken strings of a guitar.
Like a sea without fishes,
Like a birthday without wishes.
Like English without Shakespeare,
Like any unanswered prayer.
Like love without cuddle,
Like an incomplete Jigsaw puzzle.
That’s what I am without you.

Like a painting without colours,
Like mathematics without numbers.
Like a lock without key,
Like a pizza without cheese.
Like winters without snow,
Like water without the flow.
Like a tree without leaves,
Like a car without wheels.
That’s what I am without you.

Like a cake without sugar,
Like few lost pages of a booker.
Like a turtle without its shell,
Like a magic without a spell.
Like science without Hawking,
Like a sad dream of a spring.
Like a song without poetry,
Like a bride without jewellery.
Like a body without the soul,
Like cricket without a ball.
That’s what I am without you.

Without you,
I am a wedding dress never worn.
I am an unheard song.

Without you,
I am words without meaning.
I am that gloomy evening.

Without you,
it isn’t poetic at all!

– Kritika Vashist