I don’t believe…

I don’t believe when people say “Time heals all wounds”. Time doesn’t heal wounds. Wounds are always present. You can see them after ages, you can feel them after ages. It is the brain that minimizes the pain by not letting you think about the wounds, and by occluding you to touch those wounds.


From a boy who …

From a boy who sold newspaper to add to his father’s income to the most successful and respected statesman bagging the highest post in the nation.
The man who always showed respect and love for all religion. The man who worked hard throughout his life, to fulfill his parent’s dreams, to show his gratitude for his brother-in-law and his loving sister who gave up everything for his education. The man who took rocket science to another level. The man who put all his heart to contribute towards the development of the nation. The man who’s first love is Science and Technology. The man who has inspired thousands of lives.
From a child running along the sea side of Rameshwaram to a man walking through the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
A benevolent man, a remarkable professor and a great leader, whose smile brings joy to everyone.
I here, wish this dynamic personality, Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam a very Happy Birthday.
Wish you a long and a healthy life, sir.

Review-The Whit…

Review-The White Tiger

A poor is innocent and a villager is stupid. He breathes fresh air when he is the darkness but he can’t breathe when he comes to the light. He literally and emotionally suffocates. That’s how a poor villager life goes. The city corrupts them, makes them debauchery. The desire to live a rich life makes them do wrong things. But they don’t regret because for them those were necessary tasks to put a chandelier on the roof of their hall and one in the bathroom too. From school to a tea-stall, from tea-stall to a driver, from a village to a city, from darkness to light, from innocent to corrupt. From an ordinary boy to a WHITE TIGER, this books tells you about an incredible journey of a poor, black-skinned skinny villager. Bold, sardonic and authentic. 
PS. It is not made in China. 

The White Tiger- Aravind Adiga

They say your h…

They say your heart starts beating faster and you get butterflies in your stomach when you see your love. But when I see you,this beautiful world gets more beautiful, the land becomes the sky and I see you through the moonlight falling on our faces, nothing less than a paradise.
The feeling is inexplicable when you are with him. You don’t find enough word to say how you feel, you want the time to freeze, so that this moment lasts forever, your heart beats so loud that you can hear it, your eyes shine brighten than the stars, the passionate moment
strengthen you within, you feel high and you want to look at him constantly with a smile.

Written by me.