Giving VOICE to my poetry

Hello to the one who’s reading this!

Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. While a lot changed during the pandemic, and things still remain uncertain, I am sure that all of us discovered something within ourselves. 

The thing I found, or if I could say, the thing that found me during this period is recitation. I had never really believed my voice to be good enough for spoken word. However, I let it get into me only to realize that I love doing it. I believe that it does add some value to the words I write. It’s indeed fulfilling.

So, here is me, sharing with you my YouTube Channel where I will uploading my Spoken Word Poems, both in English and Hindi. 

Here’s something sweet like candy for you to listen to – Two Kids at a Candy Store 

If you would like, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you’ll be notified whenever I make my poetry LIVE on the platform. 

Please do listen and drop your comments! Let me know if you like it or how can I make it better. I would love to know your thoughts! 

Thank you!

Yours truly                                                            Kritika Vashist


6 thoughts on “Giving VOICE to my poetry

  1. Reblogged this on hbhatnagar and commented:
    I can attest to this. Kritika’s voice adds an emotive component to the words, that wasn’t missing but feels like it was when you hear them in her own style. Do visit, listen, and I hope appreciate and subscribe.

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  2. You are blessed with great voice krithika. It absolutely go well with the poems 👍 kuch na badale humare bich isliye hum khud badal Gaye.. loved this line from one of your poems. Nicely presented as well. 👍 Glad you put the poems into your own voice. Good luck and keep going. 💐

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