18 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Evils

  1. I have to agree. The non-calculator tests results can always be verified later, but it is difficult to verify the meaning of an essay that is not punctuated (or more commonly incorrectly punctuated). Also, a mathematical problem always has a precise solution. An essay can leave much open to interpretation, but this can be good or bad depending on your viewpoint!

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    • I remember the time I was reading a short narration written by someone; there were no punctuation, not a single! I couldn’t even read it till the end, because my eyes started burning and my mind exploded. It was like 400 words in a single sentence, and you cannot figure out the meaning. It requires patience and efforts to find meaning in something written in this way.

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      • It is very sad when writing (which is medium for conveying thoughts, ideas, meanings etc) is so badly presented that you cannot make sense of it. I guess one should acknowledge the author for trying, but why would I try and convey a message to you in a language which you would have difficulty in understanding?

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  2. So true but being an engineering student addiction to calculator is not advisable. The more we do calculations in our minds, without using ink or calculator with accuracy the more sharp our mind works.

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