The True One

I roved the lonely roads, crowded places.
My shadows companioned me through.

I sang songs in the tone of blues.
My shadows listened to all.

I set down my melancholies on paper.
My shadows read them unprejudically.

I danced my tearfulness under the rain.
My shadows contemplated my aches.

I sank down in the light of candlelit room.
My shadows shared my silence with me.

But one night,
I collapsed in the fathomless darkness
My shadow; nowhere to be seen
Where did my friend go? A cry, voiceless.

I plumped myself down in dispiritedness
My soul held me and enlightened;
The true one stays even in the darkness.

– Kritika Vashist

(It felt like I didn’t post for ages, but here I am.)


42 thoughts on “The True One

  1. The loss of a friend is usually shrouded in melancholy, and you’ve conveyed that so well, Kritika. It has seemed that you have been away for a while, and it’s wonderful to “read” you again. 😀

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  2. ” Scared of lonely roads,
    I withered and flickered

    What beauty was the voice
    The songs kept me warm.

    Stories I read of life and love,
    Words were beautiful, I thought.

    Dancing in the rain, I enjoyed every drop,
    I let out a tear when you ached.

    Serene, you looked in the warm candle,
    Was this love, I thought.

    And one night, I met my maker in the darkness. Never knew it could be this dark without you.
    Scared I was at first. But your thoughts gave me courage. Searched for you in the world’s corners, when I heard your silent cries, I followed your song,
    I searched the lonely streets and the fiery rain, but I was lost. Without you I felt the emptiness. I was empty, I thought all along.
    And I saw you in the candle light, the joy it gave I could never fathom. No longer was I empty and swore never to leave you again.”
    – Your Shadow.

    PS: I apologize if I ruined your poetry. I think I walked all over it. Really sorry about that. Couldn’t help it, ’cause my name, you see.

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    • You appreciate me first, and then you think that this comment might have ruined my poem with yours. Think again, maybe?
      I have taken no offense and so no apology is needed 🙂 I never believed that someone’s poetry can ruin others. Poetry is nothing but your creativity with words and thoughts wandering inside, it can neither offend anyone else, only you, if that happens, nor can be criticized.
      I wrote a rough draft about how shadow is my friend, but then after few days, I realized that shadow isn’t there in darkness, and thought of writing about it. I have never believe in friendships that stay only when light is there, perhaps, I am too rigid to change with the definition world tries to throw at you.

      About yours, I liked your perspective. Isn’t it great how a word and an image can be defined in so many poetic ways?

      About your name; well, it is “midnight” shadow, there is still some light around, and I hope it always stay with you. Have a good day, you! 🙂


  3. Kritika, this poem is TOO GOOD 🙂 Loved the idea of shadows and soul 😉 I was fearing that you may end calling the Shadows, The True One. But, thankfully you had a twist and it was very well absorbed by me 😛 Keep writing Girl 😉

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