HEAR people HEAR!
And cheers to all who are not perfect and acknowledge it happily.


It seems to me that a personality is like a mirror, as it reflects back to folks how we are perceived. I know that, for myself, I shine when people shine on me. I alas, am human and therefore also reflect negativity when it is piled deeper than the driven snow of winter when I would really like the spring. I do not cry because of this weakness, but am glad to have discovered and embraced this anomaly! When we are “out of sorts” it would be good if those around us would ,or could, recognize the “anomaly” without making a natural part of life into a sudden personality change that would warrant an alarm  when , all things considered, should be thought of as a normal part of the sequence of life.[ie consider bullying] I have seen many relationships ended, for better or worse, because of unrealistic expectations. I…

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