Comfortably breathing in
her golden-yellow dress
she whirls in eddies of soft
wind permeating every space
of her infinite field of liveliness.
The sunlight falls on her skin
and she shimmers artistically
like a sunflower in the garden.
The glow in her eyes reflecting
the sun of love and seclusion.
Her feet dance on the gentle soil
to the sound of birds chirping
leaving imprints of her tenderness.
Her amiable laugh echoes in the
valley, embracing all of her.

At night, the stars shine in her eyes
the affectionate stare talks about
all her insanity, all her dreams.
Wearing moonlight every night
she sleeps hearing the soulful
melody of the waves that sing
her songs of love and intimacy.

In the fathomless love
in the beauty of nature
in cold nights, in warm days
her romance blossoms.

– Kritika Vashist

This is in response to Bhavpreet’s Free Writing Challenge. Also, I am finally done with all free writing challenges 🙂

26 thoughts on “Romance

  1. Wow! Quite lovely. I could see her twirling in that “sunflower dress” and showing an infectious and carefree smile. I could see her silhouette against the moon, and the reflections of the moon’s light dancing on the waves behind her. I could see her at perfect “oneness” with her world. To love, and be loved in return. What more could anybody ask? 🙂

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  2. I truly enjoyed the way you mingled love, summer and nature together. All of the elements together to capture the feeling of romance. Well done!!

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  3. How nice to read such delicate poetry, the kind that enamoured you to me in the past, with the beautiful flow and lack of angst, you have retreated from your dark place and relit the ebon blackness of the earth! Welcome home, Angel 😀

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  4. I already told you that i love this but i once again wanted to let you know that this is my All time favorite. I actually go to some dreamland when i read this … i just love this …. Muuuahhn … 🙂

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