Nano poems on ‘Clavicles

“Let my words rain on your clavicles
I’ll taste the purest from there
leaving peerless imprints of my ink
like a rainbow in the sky.”

“I don’t quite remember
any poetry that I wrote
except the one
I had written on her clavicles. ”

“I wasn’t an accomplished painter
until my hands had discovered
and my colors had painted
on quintessential curves of her clavicles.”

“Sunlight falling on her clavicles
the mountain like curves
the warmth of her skin
the color of her skin unifying with the sunshine
I swear, I would not have regret
drowning myself in her
heavenly glorious volcano.”

“Tell me something you had always wished?”
She asked while the lights shimmered like a shy.
“If I could be that mole on your clavicles
I’d have stayed with you, gone with you.”

– Kritika Vashist

31 thoughts on “Clavicles

  1. i want to confess to you that your beautiful and sensual poems just make me crazy about you. I am in love with them seriously ❤ ❤ rather i am mad on them. 😀 Love them badly ❤

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  2. I think this reveals a wonderful and delicate innocence. The pectoral arch of the body marked by the collar bones can be very sensual in it’s presentation without the risk of venturing far in the realm of Erato. It shows skill and balance in your writing. Well done Kritika!

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